Kansas City Heartland Homeschooling         
Support for Homeschoolers, by Homeschoolers
out of the Heartland
Newly formed, KC Heartland Homeschooling (KCHH) is a loosely-structured group of homeschooling families from the Kansas City area primarily north of the river. The purpose of our group is to provide support and information about opportunities, resources and experiences aimed to increase the success of homeshoolers in our area.

Though many of our motives and guiding principles come from Christian tradition and many of our home schooling families have personal faith in Jesus Christ, this is not a prerequisite for home schooling or belonging to this group. We are open to new and experienced homeschoolers alike. We encourage those families who are still exploring the homeschool option to utilize KCHH and other similar sources.

As you explore the many different options available with respect to educating your children, it becomes quickly apparent that there is almost an endless set of choices.  Along with these choices comes the responsibility placed on us by God, family and the government to ensure that our children are going to grow up to be responsible adults.  It is our hope and prayer that we have made available some of the information that can help you with this journey.

Due to the dynamic nature of available resources and information, this web site and related services will change often.  Please come back to check on new items as often as you would like.