There are several links to sites that I might send people to. One is, of course, thevineyardonline.org, the site from which this page stems from. The others are sites I like from various sources, including research sites. Have fun looking at them, and please realize that I do not list any questionable content. If there is anything here that should not be, please contact me! I also love to investigate new sites, so let me know if you find some good ones!


Wikipedia.org, an online research site: www.wikipedia.org

Merriam-Webster online dictionary and thesaurus: www.m-w.com

Dictionaries and more: www2.bartleby.com/reference 

FUN SITES: (For me, anyway!)

Jewelry making blog: www.bloglander.com/jewelrymaking

 Antarctica pictures (And many, many more!): www.pbase.com/chris67/antarctica_the_crystal_desert 

Brenda Ahearn's photo journal (Click on 'journal' when you get there): www.brendaahearn.com

Photobucket (If you need to use your photos online through html, or just want to sort or display them online, this is a good place to do it!): photobucket.com  

I Will Worship.com (Chord charts for hymns, praise songs, and popular songs sung by popular artists.): www.iwillworship.com

Beaded Flower directions: beadedflowers.tripod.com


Kearney First Baptist Church: www.kearneyfbc.com

My brother's website: micah.thevineyardonline.org

 Wine Family Computer Consulting Services: www.wfccs.com

New Life Homeschool Fellowship: www.nlhf.info 

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