This is my "testimony." I wrote it when I was 14 or 15, as a poem. It's missing some newer parts of my life, but it's still accurate. I may update it later, but for now; this is me.

I was living a life full of sin and transgression,
Something told me it was wrong.
But I continued in my way of life,
Always trusting my own choice all along.
Even though I have parents who loved me and taught me,
The holy words of Jesus real early,
I rejected and scorned them, and did as I pleased,
Thinking of my own self too dearly.
Sure, you might say, I was always a dear
In Church and other places.
But no matter how you looked, if you saw my heart,
Youd have known I had two faces.
Church all my life, and good Christian influence,
Had an effect on me, tis true.
But until that day, that fated day,
I never really knew.
It was a day to remember, full of laughter and song,
When the words of Him filled my heart.
Suddenly I knew my life was a mess,
And why my spirit was pulled apart.
At first I heard nothing, as it was just the same,
As things I had heard all my years.
But when the words filled my heart, and I realized my sins,
You can be sure, then fell the tears.
Oh Jesus! You died just for ME on that cross,
How can it be I have missed it? I said.
I now know You really love me, and You will receive me,
So I silently bowed my head.
Two hours later I walked through the doors,
And came back to the world I had left.
On the outside, yes, I was the same as before,
But on the inside, I was peaceful and blessed.
Since that day Ive been in earnest
To please Him who lives above.
I belong to God with my heart, you see,
And its Him I truly love.


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